Git Bash does not run - 'Setting Up Your Command Line'

I have been following a javascript course and have made it to this article: link

Very simply, git bash does not run after it has been installed. I kept all default options as suggested. I have looked around for simple troubleshooting on google and found one thread that suggested to change the shortcut command (“C:\Program Files\Git\git-bash.exe”), which didn’t work. I have also done the simple default troubleshooting methods, i.e. ccleaner and restarting, reinstalling.

The version of git bash is 2.27.0, I attempted to use two different download sources to see if this would make a difference as well, one is referenced in the article.

I decided to make a video showing exactly what happens when I try to run git bash in an unlisted video. I show all the information that I think may be relevant, please let me know if there is anything else that would be valuable to know. The only thing I noticed is that it attempted to open “msys2 terminal” as shown in the command prompt.

If there is no reasonable solution to this, how can I continue with this module without git bash?

I do apologise if this is not an appropriate topic/format, I am a total novice and new to codecademy.

Thanks for any replies.

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