Git Bash broken?

Hello everyone!

I’ve just completed the Lingua Franca project. Now when I try to go to my Git Bash, it shows up like this:

Screenshot 2022-04-02 161351

instead of showing MINGW64.

I’m really confused what’s happened with this…I believe I’ve messed up with my bash_profile in nano (as Hello is also showing up), but I’m not sure.

Can you still run various commands and programs as you used to? That would be the most important bit, the prompt is arguably customisable to whatever want it to be. If you’re having problems with commands you might’ve changed the PATH variable in something like.bash_profile or .bashrc (and possibly a few others, I’m not 100% sure whether gitbash just uses the normal bash set up or not).

Changing the prompt in the bash shell isn’t a problem at all; in fact a lot of people choose to do so. If you look for it (web search) there is fantastic guidance available for having all sorts of exciting and occasionally even practical :smile: prompts. It’s quite common for example to display something like the current git repo/branch in the prompt and you can set this up to warn you if there’s untracked changes, non-pushed commits and all sorts (it’s all optional, you might prefer $).

If you really want the old prompt the first option might be to just check you’ve not altered the PS1 or perhaps PROMPT_COMMAND environment variables (in .bashrc, .bash_profile etc.)as I’d assume they take precedence. If not then I’m not certain why the default prompt is no longer active, if you had a web search you could probably find where it’s stored (probably somewhere in the git-bash files) and add that line or run that script in your bash initialisation scripts.

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Thank you so much! It’s been fixed now.

Screenshot 2022-04-03 172428

Also thank you for the web searches, I didn’t realize there were other ways to set up your Git Bash for productivity :grinning:

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