Git and GitHub

Hello Everyone.
I am very new to this, I just got started and right now I am at the Basic Git Workflow lesson: > where it asks you to create your GitHub account and then connect it to your remote repository. I did all the steps under the Try it Out! section. Then proceeded to create my first remote repository but when I copy the text under the lines “…or push an existing repository from the command line” and paste it on my Git Bash command line I get this and I do not think this is what I’m supposed to get:

After that I refresh the page on GitHub but I don’t get anything.

Help plsss!

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In fact, I am also new to this program and feel lost,
I don’t know where to start and I think I need help :confused:

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if you copy and paste the link to your repo, make sure you do not copy the $ (it will create two $$), hopefully this helps,

Hi @dev0552860502,

Generally you’ll see that error if your current working directory is not a git repository (nor are the directories above this one, parents). Are you actually in the correct directory (the one you stated with git init, git clone or similar)? It should have a .git/ directory withinin it (you don’t need to be in that directory but in the one which holds that one).

You’ll need to navigate to the correct directory with cd to use these commands as is. Alternatively you can use git -C /path/to/git/directory command to specify the absolute path if you prefer to stay in your current directory.