Git 5 step 2 "not something we can merge"

Someone! Help!

When I say,

git merge orgin/master

it says,

merge: orgin/master - not something we can merge

I tried it many times, read other posts, restarted the section, etc., and it did not help.

Here, copy and pasted it. I don’t know how to do a screen shot, sorry.

cd my-quizzes git merge orgin/master
merge: orgin/master - not something we can merge

I tried all the things on other posts. No luck. Does someone know how to get past it?

Did you try:

git fetch

before you tried to merge?

I am having the same issue. Im really frustrated. Seems like my codecademy connection keeps getting lost also though my internet connection has been stable

Check this post
Basically I got it to work by closing the terminal session at each new exercise section.

yes, I did. Still doesn’t work…
but thanks for the suggestion!

Yes I tried it. I restarted the window, the terminal, the section, etc. … still doesn’t work.
thanks, though

I don’t know if you did this every time, but you have a typing mistake there.

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AHHHHH!! Dang! Thanks albionsrefuge! that solved the problem!!

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This was the step that I was missing. Do you always have to ‘git fetch’ before you can ‘get merge origin/master’?

I was also stuck on that exercise. Typing “git fetch” before merging seems to work for me.

In real life, you would do that to make sure you had the most up-to-date data. git pull does a git fetch followed by a git merge.

In this exercise, I think that it just forgets that you’ve fetched in the previous exercise.

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