Gifting Pro subscriptions to students


In Australia 25% of kids between 17 and 24 are not in jobs or in school. We target training those kids and then finding them jobs. I’ve used Codeacademy for the HTML/CSS and Javascript training, the free courses are great.

I would like to get them a pro-subscription. Pro-subscriptions have no end dates. I can’t gift them a course off my credit card for, forever. But if you have the facility to offer a 6 month or 12 month pro subscription, I can raise money to buy these and gift them to our kids.

Other online training companies like Udemy allow you to gift training. I really don’t want to use those, I like codeacademy best.

Could you guys please consider helping us charities purchase training blocks for youth?
It’s another revenue stream for you.


Or barring that do you guys take pre-paid VISA credit cards?

Wow @cakarena! Love that caring!!! :exclamation:

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Thanks so much for writing in. What wonderful work you do! There are a few options you can explore:

  • You could use pre-paid visa gift cards and just load them with only the amount you wanted
  • You can buy subscriptions and then cancel them (and decline a refund – so you don’t get charged again) but the subscription remains active
  • Wait until early next year for a new feature! Pretty soon after new years we are planning on adding some new functionality around this!

If you have time, we would also appreciate your vote in our Forums poll: (it helps us keep track of requests and needs) Educational Licenses or Individual / Group Discounts

I will make sure to update you here!

Thank you, and Happy Learning!
-Codecademy Community Manager

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I’m glad to hear that you are enjoying Codecademy.

Thank you for your loyalty :smile:

Happy Holidays :snowman:

Hi Alexandra,

I’m not asking for a group discount. I think the ‘labourer is worthy of their hire’. $20 a month? That’s pretty dam good. I just want the facility to purchase subscriptions for others. I’ve got around it so far by purchasing the guys pre-paid visa cards that they’ve used to get a pro-subscription until the card runs out. But it’s a waste of money and clunky. It looks better to gift a subscription.


You’re right - It is ‘clunky’, but unfortunately you’re going to have to stick to the pre-paid visa thing you have going on as there is currently no option to buy subscriptions for others.

I am excited to tell you that pretty soon after new years we are planning on adding some new functionality around this! So, you can ditch the clunky method soon.

Thank you, and Happy Learning!
-Codecademy Community Manager

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Any news on this feature?

Any updates on this new feature? I’d like to gift a few months of subscription to a friend who is just starting.