Gifting a pro account?

Hi codeademy team,

I have been thinking about donating a Pro account to a local community centre for them to use as a prize in a competition? I would like someone in my local community, that perhaps can’t afford a Codecademy Pro account due to their socio-economic background (this is not a dig at codecademy), to have the same opportunity that I have to learn a new skill.

Is there anyway we could make this possible?
Do you have some sort of voucher/coupon system?

Thank you,

Hi @tag4711444728! This is such a great idea.

At this time, though, we do not have gift cards or gift certificates available. You are able to purchase an account by signing up with an email and paying with your credit card while logged into the account.

We offer a monthly recurring subscription and an annual subscription at

Once you make a payment, to avoid future charges (the renewal) and for your card details to be removed you can cancel the subscription. They won’t lose access until the end of the billing cycle you paid for.

Feel free to message me with questions.


Thank you for your reply. That makes sense.

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I was also looking to gift a pro account for a year, I think you’re missing out on a cool feature.
I’ll check now if any other learning sites allow me to do this and go with them instead.