GIA and CCAT Tests

Does Codecademy prepare people for these intelligence assessment tests? I had an interview where I was blindsided by one of these tests. So far I was only aware of coding tests or technical interviews.

I had a GIA test that I was told by the recruiter that I did not do well on. I know I answered most of the questions correctly. However it does not tell you for certain if you are answering them correctly or how much time you spend on them. You have no idea how much time you have in each section, how much time you are supposed to spend on each question or even how many questions there are. Also the practice runs are insufficient and not helpful.

They do seem quite unfair.

No, they are not offered from CC.
But a quick Google search brought up several sites where one could practice.

There are only a few CCAT practice tests. As for the GIA practice tests many of the links you may have seen take you to a paywall save for one on the Job Test Prep site. That one is only 25 question. The real test closer to about 200.

Tbh, I’ve never heard of these tests. They sound absolutely awful.
It’s as if job candidates don’t already have enough hoops to jump through, they have this demeaning test to do as well. :roll_eyes:

Yeah they are quite stressful. In the GIA you have to work with a screen with changing text. It’s assumed that there are 40 questions in each section and it’s assumed that you have as little at 2 minutes to do each section. Therefore you must read, memorize, comprehend and answer a question correctly in no more than 3 seconds. You must succeed in all 5 section to score higher than some arbitrary mark, usually 80. However you will have no indicator of your progress.

If @codecademy does not currently have any info on this perhaps this can be a future topic. Those who are paying the Pro Memberships could benefit as they are training to be job ready. Apparently this is a thing which can be part of the hiring process.

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I’ve been in the working world (tech & elsewhere) for quite some time and this is the first I’d ever heard of these tests. :woman_shrugging:

Remember, not everyone who is using CC is upskilling or doing any sort of prep for jobs. Many people on here code for fun. If you have a course suggestion then do make one under the appropriate category here in the forums.

What’s the appropriate category?

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