Gh command not found

I’m doing the Git CLI in action:

And, using a mac, However when trying to install: “gh --version” i get: “command not found”. I tried to trouble shoot by way of Installation instructions | GitHub CLI

But, neither “brew” or “sudo” install worked. So, to avoid a rabitt hole I’m posting here and thinking - why bother following Alice down the hole if I’m using my terminal in visual studio code :wink:

Hey @johnhartley945878421

On the VS Code terminal did you verify that you’re using bash and not shell ? I’m not a mac user but if I recall right the terminal is Unix-based by default on Mac but maybe Powershell is the terminal by default in VS Code even on Mac since it doesn’t recognize sudo.

Possibly b/c it’s not installed in the same PATH.
This might work…

echo $PATH

`export PATH=“/usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/sbin”’

then try running gh --version again.