Getting thrown back to exercise 03 & 05 as second chapter starts


Hi there,

ever wonder if anybody gets thrown back to the first part of the lesson as the second chapter is loaded?!
It says: Ooops, looks as if you can not access blabla.
Then exercise 03 and 05 randomly show up again. With the worked on code in it.
So Ctr l + Enter, repeat, succeed until exercise 10 appears, next chapter, exercise 03 chapter 01. Fun.

appreciate any help
keep me up to date plz

cheers! :wink:


the scenario.


please, is there a moderator or someone administering?


Hi Adrian,

That is certainly unexpected behavior for that course!

Could I get you to go back to the very first exercise and under Get Help, use the I want to restart this exercise option. That will remove all of your work in the SQL course.

Then, work your way back up to exercise 10. Just before you go "Next" on that one, take another screen shot of the popup list of the Manipulation exercise. I want to see all the check marks in place.

After that carry on and see what happens.