Getting the Current Date and Time


When I put this code in:

from datetime import datetime

now =

print now

This comes up on the console:
2015-11-12 17:24:57.624424

What does this mean? "624424"


This basically tells us that Python has time divided into millionths of a second. No matter how quickly we poll the time module, the return value will always be different. Time does not stand still (unless we're traveling at light speed).

Given the speed at which our computer's internal clock is running, these intervals are actually very large. For instance, my A10 has a clock ~3.2 GHz. That's more than three orders of magnitude greater than 1,000,000, meaning there are over 3,000 clock ticks every 1/1000000 second.


Wow! Thank you that is very interesting!


but how to succeed the task?


Your response perfectly solved my doubt, thanks