Getting started

hello every one vikas rai this side I’m from india an intermediate web developer i would love to interact and meet more like minded people here Am currently mastering my javascript skills on codeacademy.

Get some courses and let us get started with your experience of Codecademy
First, You can take short timing courses like 1 to 5 hours

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Hello, I started Code Academy by using the free option for a while, then once I decided I really like it, and it was helpful, I got Pro. It has really helped me in learning new skills.

Thnx i took js for now will try pro based on experience i’ll get here

Anything for you
I started by SQL

Thanku for sharing this, am preety motivated Now

Thanks. Iam stuck with Emoji, I dont know where to find Emoji symbols.

Hi I’m just getting started, still using free mode, think that this app is great getting foundation on Python

Welcome to the forums!

Use Ctrl + . on Windows and Ctrl + Cmd + Space Bar on Mac to access emojis.

Good luck! Wishing you all the best on your 30 day challenge!