Getting started with programming. Question 9 what is programming


I can not see what the correct way to ask someone where they are from

prompt("Where are you from?");

Replace this line with your code.


Try it with

prompt("What is your name?");

your Browser should have popup enabled


Same answer. Wont work.


Then try a so-called refresh Browser

++++ reset of session *****************
As you are manipulating with objects
under certain circumstances you can shoot your Browser in an
inconsistent state.

Therefor it is of an advantage to know that you have 2 reset facilities:

One is the use of the F5-key which does a refresh Browser


Two, select&copy your code
Then use the Reset Code button of the course-window,
then paste your code back in.

General Notes:
Always refresh the browser after making corrections:
CTRL f5 ( if on Windows or Linux)
CMD r ( if on a MAC).
CTRL 0 to reset browser zoom


Still same thing. This is very frustrating.


What is the EXACT message you are receiving....


! Oops, try again. Something went wrong with
your prompt. Check the Hint if you need help!


What do you see when you use

alert("popup is enabled");


popup is enabled

im using windows 8.1


Which Browser ???


internet explorer

Should this work

prompt("Where are you from?");


I myself am using windows 8.1 IE11
I cannot understand why it is your prompt statement is not working....
Here the documentation


This error message will be given if the user clicks Cancel. Be sure to click OK.


Im having the same issue. I'm writing down:

prompt("where are u from?");

and it gives me the codecademy error message. I've already tried refreshing etc etc. Nothing works. Im using chrome.


Try codecademy labs: link here and see what it gives you.
Change and try another browser.
Are you using any NoScript extension?
Is your browser up to date

Can you see the dialogue box any where on your screen?


Hey Mashuk,

On Codecademy labs link you provided, it works.
About your questions:
I'm NOT using any NoScript extension.
My browser IS up to date.

It's a shame because now I'm stuck at this very early lesson :frowning:


Well, for some unknown reason, it now works. I didn't do anything different. I haven't even closed and opened my browser again. Anyway, thanks for the support.


For last few days I saw several issues along that line and I try to recreate them but for me in all browsers it seems working fine. But somehow it's not working for you. I am really interested to know how the problem get solved and what was the reason behind it.


Yes, I think the same and I'd love to help. So, what happened is, I opened a new tab, went to the lesson, opened it and tried again. And it worked. Oddly enough before, I was even cache-refreshing (cmd+shif+r), and it wouldn't work afterwards. I really have no idea how in the ■■■■ it just suddenly worked :confused: If I come across this issue again, I'll make sure to check the console and get back here.


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