Getting Started with Git and GitHub

I am attempting to create my first remote repository through Git Bash on my computer. I am able to add the remote repository, but when I attempt to push git_practice to the GitHub repository, it shoots back this error: fatal: unable to access ‘’: Failed to connect to port 443: Connection refused

I have tried pushing it in a number of ways (including not using the -u) but it still shoots this back to me.


did you set up your identity:

its something you need to do the first time on new machines

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Hello @stetim94,

I have already set my global username and user email.

doing a simple google search results in this:

What network are you using? the port might be blocked

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I assume you can access github in your browser with https?
Does your browser go through a proxy?
Are you able to connect to with curl? ie. curl - it should output a bunch of html if successful (…assuming you have curl installed, you can try wget as well, or pretty much any tool able to connect using a specific port)


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