Getting Started with Git and Github (Videos) - 'push an existing repository from the command line' error

This is my very first post, so I apologize in advance in case I screwed up on following the rules.

I am on this step of the Computer Science path:

I am trying to push an existing repository from the command line but it gives me this error. I have already tried deleting the created repository on Github and creating a new one. Here is the latest code:

sinac@LAPTOP-G7RQ152D MINGW64 /c/users/.../git_practice (master)
$ git status
On branch master
nothing to commit, working tree clean

sinac@LAPTOP-G7RQ152D MINGW64 /c/users/.../git_practice (master)
$ git remote add origin
fatal: remote origin already exists.

sinac@LAPTOP-G7RQ152D MINGW64 /c/users/.../git_practice (master)
$ git push -u origin master
fatal: repository '' not found

I don’t understand why it first tells me the origin already exists and then can’t find the repository.

Edit note: I removed my user name from my directory address and substituted it with dots.

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presumably origin already exists due to you having previously added it sometime before the commands you’re showing
and if it’s not a repository then yeah it’ll fail

Have you figured out this issue. I’m having difficulty as well. I set my Git Hub account up for two step verification. Having a heck of time getting through this lesson. An actual video would help.