Getting started with coding

Ok. can someone tell me how do I get started in applying what I’ve learned about JS to some things I want to do on my computer?

Js is mostly used for two things, in the webbrowser to make a website interactive.

JS is also used for webserver (nodeJS). You can just download a text-editor (atom) and code JS. You can also run JS code in Node

How do I download a text editor to play around with the code lessons I learned? or better yet, what can I do to practice using the codes I know?
Thanks a million.

A text editor is just a program, you downloand and install it like any other program.

Once you have the text-editor, you can create js files, combined with .html file, you can make interactive webpages.

You can also install nodeJS to run JS code

What do you want to do with JS code?

I am not really sure yet, that is what am trying to figure out. How can I use this knowledge to benefit myself.

To be honest, that is very vague. What do you want to build?

I wish I can say more but the truth is I just started coding and am trying to figure it out myself. What will you recommend to get more hands on experience, apply what I know and build on it?

You can try to do digital clock or a simple calculator for example.

Well, if its Javascript you want. Also learn html and css so you can build interactive webpages

Ok… I think I understand what you are saying. I have gone through the HTML, CSS and JS course on code academy. I don’t know how to apply what I’ve learned outside of code academy platform. I guess am trying to figure out how to take everything I have learned thus far and do something that generates results outside of code academy. Is like I understand the what, but not the why. I know what to code but not where to code and why am coding it. that part is a missing link for me. Should I download text editor and play around with changing my emails, create a website, etc… Do you understand what am trying to say?

Google Notepad++ for a simple text editor. It’s great for a beginner because it doesn’t do any of the work for you, but still has indicators when something is wrong.

Alternatively you can use or, which are both useful for writing and testing bits of code right in your browswer window![quote=“callioperosa, post:7, topic:74748”]
What will you recommend to get more hands on experience, apply what I know and build on it?

As @stetim94 has stated, learn HTML and CSS. They’re both really easy to pick up, and will allow you to start making basic web applications, which brings us to the next part:

Again mentioned further up, you can write some simple programs such as calculators or digital clocks.

These aren’t very fun imo though. You can also try to write simple text games, and implement different things into them like player inventories, player health, combat, and so on. I’ve found that little projects like this can really help you get used to a language, and learn new things as you go.

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