Getting started: Trouble downloading Minicobra for Intro to Data Analysis course


I am trying to set up my computer according to the Installing Python step in the Introduction, Setup, & Prework section of the Introduction to Data Analysis course that just began on Tuesday. However, the first time I installed it, when I entered “conda list” in the command prompt, the message “‘conda’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file” came up. I think this may be because I ignored the warning during the download when selecting the destination folder which indicated that it had a space and that this causes problems with several Conda packages. So, I’ve uninstalled the file, and have been trying to remove the space in my username, to no avail.

I’m obviously new to coding, so if anyone with a better sense of what I’m doing wrong can provide guidance, I’d appreciate the help.

Note that this forum has practically nothing to do with those courses – so you might really be looking for a slack channel set up for it, or some other method of talking with mentors/advisors

That said, your command line (whichever it is you’re using) searches particular directories for executables whose names you can then use as commands. Those directoriese are listed in a PATH variable, and how exactly you set that depends on your environment, so that’s up to you and your google-fu to figure out how to do - in short, you missed an installation step for conda

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Thanks for the feedback. I obviously didn’t know the best place to post. I’ll try engaging with the Slack channel.