Getting Started On This 30-Day Challenge! What is your purpose?

Hi guys,

Currently on Day 2 of this 30-day challenge and have chosen to pursue the computer science path! I have always believed that people don’t burnout, they just forget their purpose. For this reason, I wanted to ask you why you chose your skill/path for this 30-day challenge?

I have been wanting to learn to code for some time now and chose to go with python as it is a very versatile language.

Whether you have completed this challenge, or missed a day of coding, I wanted to share with you this quote :slight_smile:
“Success is not final, Failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts.” - Winston Churchill



Good luck with your challenge! I’ve heard from pretty much everybody I’ve asked that consistency is key. It’s okay if you only have 10 minutes one day. The importance part is to make the effort to come back every time. Good luck!


I’m one of those people who can reallllllly get addicted to keeping a streak going. I’m on Day 13 and I do not want to drop the ball. I like the way the lessons are set up so you can complete a unit, take the quiz and stop for the day. I also paid for the pro version, so I promised myself I would really make an effort to make the most of it. I’ve started the program on free mode way too many times - this is the longest I’ve gone so far. I did the basic intro path, and now I’m doing the webpage design path.


Best of luck! I also got the Pro version to make a hard commitment lol :slight_smile:

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We have something in common then, I enjoy getting the streak going as long as I can.
Sadly I lost my last one by a couple hours. I am know working on building it back up.

I think it is very helpful if you are trying to work on a course.

Hey! I’m on Day 3 of this challenge. I’ve started with computer science as well. Hoping to learn good level skills! :smile:

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I’m on Day 15 now with the Web Development path…
Hoping to eventually start a new career with my newfound knowledge!
Was slow at first but trying to pick up the pace a bit. Just started with the Javascript chapter…

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I’m on day 3 of the challenge and am doing Web Development. I’m on the pro trial version at the moment and am loving it. I think your theory is fantastic and its a great quote. Keep going everyone!

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That’s the spirit, goodluck! :wink:

Great job, keep it up! :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you, I appreciate it! Goodluck to you too! :+1:

Currently on a 14 day streak with Python.

40% complete.


I have been doing python coding for a few years and I think I know the basics, but it’s never too late to refresh your memory and learn some new things, so I have decided it would be a good idea to do the 30 day challenge and in the challenge my goal is to finish the Python 2 course.

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12 day streak, finished 2 courses and 55% of a different 10 week course.
Never knew I would like coding, hmm.

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:grinning: Im so glad im 80 percent DONE!

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Dont bother with pro you can get all the info for free somewhere else

I like the lessons, and quizzes and I absolutely love the coding challenges. But, the projects can make me lose motivation because it seems that most of the effort goes into figuring out what they are asking me to do. Some days I can’t even get myself to push through a single step on the projects. On those days I do practice quizzes for something way easier. That way I continue my streak. I just got to 31 days! I plan to keep it going for 100!

Hi @eulergroupie314 ,

I went through a stage like that in the beginning of the CS course (first few projects). Keep in mind that you don’t have to remember everything as a programmer!

If you are being asked to do a specific step, make sure to use the cheatsheets, the information from the lectures, and even google (for these projects tho, you are given all the info you need)! Once you’re done with the course, you will be using stackoverflow as your cheatsheet! :slight_smile:

At the beginning I was always trying to do these projects based on my memory and would get very frustrated and discouraged as well. In no time, you will be thinking like a programmer and tackling all these projects.

Lastly, you should know there is no specific answer to a project! What I mean by this is that there are many ways to solve a problem and will not always match the code structure given. As long as you’ve tested your code and works for all scenarios, you’ve done it!


I had a streak for about a week but I have to take a break one or two days because learning JavaScript is just so hard it get’s me down and I feel terrible. I’ve repeated the Intro to JavaScript course at least 3 times and I still can’t remember anything more than some random code. It’s very hard to understand what the instructions actually want me to do sometimes but I also can’t do anything without instructions or the hints in the lessons. It’s so hard to have motivation to learn something when it’s so difficult but I have to do it to stay employable :frowning:

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It’s ok to feel that way. You should consider taking the course on coursera about “Biohacking Your Brain’s Health” and also reading Jim Kwik’s book “Limitless”.

Those are some very powerful resources on learning. They’ve helped me so much throughout my learning experience. Let me know if it helps! :slight_smile:

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