Getting started in SQL


is anyone able to get started in the Sql tutorial or able to get an answer from Codecademy


I have completed the exercises and tutorial. Which task are you experiencing problems with?


Hey Killan, this is my first attempt at using SQL, and my first attempt at learning code since I took Basic and Cobal way back when (80's). I was able to do the first task, but on the second and third task "CREATE TABLE celebs (id INTEGER, name TEXT, age INTEGER); INSERT INTO celebs (id, name, age) VALUES (1, 'Justin Beaver', 21); and SELECT * FROM celebs.....the instructions do not say what to do next. My only option appears to be "Run", but I don't get a response, unless you count Schema undefined. Any idea what I'm doing wrong? Thanks.


"Run" is usually the correct way to finish an exercise, provided you are satsified with your SQL code.
First thing that strikes me:
Did you use ";" to finish off the SELECT * FROM celebs query?


but what means SELECT * FROM celebs; ? so which taps did i have to type?


SELECT * FROM celebs; means that you select everything (the star "*") from table celebs. ";" is just a closing statement. I am not sure I understand your question about taps...


Not me, either the new Windows 10 is as useless as I suspect it is, or the authors of this course can only communicate with "students" who either know more, or are smarted than the so-called instructors, and they don't need to be instructed anyway!.


No disrespect kallan, but you must know a lot more than the average student.


I have had no problems with Windows 10 and these exercises. I'm actually a fan of Windows 10, I like much of what they have changed.
And yes, I might know more than the average student. I used this course and exercises as a refresher. I use SQL in my profession.