Getting Started: How to get the most out of Codecademy

Hi, I was just wondering about computer programming. I would love to go into computer programming in the future but it seems a little overwhelming. How should I start? I just started the Python course and I really love Python! Do I need to take notes on the lesson to refer back to them or memorize them? Is learning a new coding language like learning a new foreign language? How should I go about learning it?

My first programming language was C, I recommend it! Python is too much of an abstraction for you to understand basic concepts of compilers, and programming in general. You should learn how a computer works before everything in my opinion.

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yes , i think u should take notes !!!

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Okay, thank you that clears things up.

I keep reading that the best programming language to start with, depends on what you want to do…but then no one explains what each of the languages are best for, in a practical layman sense.
Off the top of my head, I recall hearing Python, R, JavaScript, C++ and a few others are really important ones to learn, can anyone say what they are best for?

Also, what if you really don’t know what you want to do?!
What if you just want to get started in the right direction so you can work out what you want to do because you have no experience with any of it and don’t really have a clue what is possible or what you’ll like or have aptitude for?
(you know… hypothetically :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )
What’s the best programming language for beginners that is the most versatile for a variety of coding/data career paths?