Getting Started: How to get the most out of Codecademy

Here at Codecademy, our mission is to empower people to transform their lives by learning modern skills. But beyond that, we’re also a team of teachers, students, and parents ourselves. We’re dealing with the same situation at home, and we believe that the best way to get through it is by helping one another.

In that vein, we want to make sure we equip you with the knowledge and know-how to get the most out of your online learning experience.

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What is the best coding language for beginner?


I start with Python. Its code is easy to comprehend.


It’s just like English Language. Very Easy.
Even if you are new (you know nothing about coding) still you will be able to understand it easily.
Just keep practicing and don’t give up easily.

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I’d actually recommend HTML & CSS, because its a nice way to start off your coding and in my opinion, its the first step in full stack dev. You build your website and style it and then you add your login/sign-up forms which can be done with the back end languages.

But honestly, it depends on what you’re trying to do with programming.


I started with Python, and it’s going pretty well. I like the way it’s versatile and you can use it in several different ways. I also started with HTML & CSS, (yes, three things at the same time…) and I haven’t really used that in any of my own projects so far… I agree with @stevencopeland, it really REALLY depends on what you want to do with your coding skills. Codecademy has an awesome quiz you can take to help you decide. :slight_smile:

Well wishes on your coding journey!


I started my Computer Programming students at the beginning of the school year with C++ for foundation, moved to Java for comparison, now on to Python to show growth, understanding and comparisons within multiple languages. My web classes were using HTML outside of Codecademy and will begin using HTML soon. They will then move to CSS and then Javascript. Having to flip the classroom has created a shift in learning strategies and styles.

I am interested in Data analytics for marketing. I started with R yesterday and its going good, however a colleague suggested I take up Python instead. Should I switch?

I will start also with Python.

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I am not seeing the recording.

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the record did not work in my phone browser

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I am struggling understanding class & objects even though i have finished the python3 course.
What are some other ways to improve my understanding on that particular topic?
Do I just spam exercises on that certain topic?

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Try with looking at the cheatsheets and figure out what you understand and what not. It’s easier and faster instead of just spam all the courses again.

Hi, The link for the recording isn’t right.

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hey i starded to learn coding about a week ago and began with javascript do u think it is a good decision?

Well, considering that JavaScript is heavily used for front-end development, and can be used on the back-end too, as well as being in high demand right now… I’d say that, yes, it’s a pretty wise choice.

I think you should start by learning HTML & CSS then python & then go ahead.
I agree with @stevencopeland too.

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I’ve included the correct link to the recorded webcast :slight_smile: Sorry about that! @a-r-s @net2620295945 @angel-1989

Watch the recording here!

Im gonna start with html, css and javascript. But it actually depends. If you are more into web designing start with html and css. If you wanna be a game developer, maybe start with JavaScript. If you want to be a data scientist, go with python:)

I started with Python and then JavaScript. Good question, @byte0886837556!