Getting Start At Bash Profile

From the exercise:


Do I have to create this file using nano text editor or it is just a recommend? If just recommend, then why do you recommend it over other text editors? I mean each text editor have something that is good on it own depends on what we need to do with our code to choose the one that we think most suitable with. Let me narrow my question down a bit. In this case, creating bash_profile, what qualification we are looking for in a particular text editor to use?

Another question regarding bash profile is where should I save this file on my local machine? I mean as newbie, I have so many choices to choose where to save this file. My usual go-to would be My Documents on Windows and Linux or Desktops, but I don’t know how would it effect my code result (if any) when I try to run it such as can’t find directory or can’t open or can’t run, etc?

When I run it, should I run Windows Git Bash / Windows Power Shell as administrator or just a regular user? Why (prefer just a short answer specifically to this case only to avoid too much off topic)?

Does this file has to be named “bash_profile”? I mean can it be something else such as “xyz”? Not that I would call it “xyz” but I am wondering what make this file unique and stand out as a file that contain command line instead of just plain text or another code file? What tell our machine?

nano is a command line text-editor which by default is installed in unix and unix based and unix derived systems (like linux and solaris). Given nano is a simple command line editor which is by default installed on *nix systems, its a good choice for a simple edit to bash_profile

bash_profile is a special file, which means there is usual a convention. bash_profile is stored directly in the users home directory. bash_profile is something linux specific, so not much use creating a bash_profile if are on windows and have no linux subsystem.

regular user as much as possible, only use administrator/root privileges when you need it.

no, there are linux distros where the file is name .profile for example. But sticking to the naming conventions is easier, it requires less tweaking. Changing the name of bash_profile also means changing the bits that use the bash_profile file.