Getting ready for physics class project - functions

Hi all,

I’m still very new to python and the site so I apologize if this has been answered elsewhere. I’m running into a syntax error I and I cant figure out why -

when I ran the first function (f_to_c) it ran fine, but when I tried the second one (c_to_f) there was a syntax error on line 10.


what am I doing wrong?

When the syntax error is at the start of a line, always check the line above as well:

 return (c_temp * (9/5) + 32

working with parentheses is great, but parentheses allow us to put code on multiple lines, which means if you forget to close the parentheses, you sometimes get “strange” errors on the next line

oh man I feel like a ding dong for missing that one :sweat_smile:, thank you so much. This is just a reminder to look for the most simple answers first.

Debugging is a skill on its own :wink: I have seen countless people (myself included) make really stupid mistakes. If stupid mistakes didn’t happen, that would save millions of euros (dollars, money, whatever) a year in IT.

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