Getting input


I redid the "getting input" exercise multiple times on different browsers and ever tried refreshing the webpage and using incognito browser pages and no matter what I do it won't progress. It asks you to declare a variable first_name and set it equal to gets.chomp and that's what I did but it still won't work


Can we see your code to verify that it's correct?



By the looks of things, your program seems to want to know your name.
Tell it you're Bob, it won't know the difference, and it'll happily continue executing.

(If you read the instruction text, what would you expect your code to do?)


I tried putting a name in and it gave me an error


Sounds like progress to me. I'm sure that error is trying to tell you something, so take a peek at it.


this is the error message I got when I typed a name in, but I didn't get one when I didn't use a name it just wouldn't save and submit.


Surely, your code should work for anyone, so the string "bob" shouldn't be in the code.

Back up to where your program was asking you for your name, and enter your name in the console window, not in the code editor.

I'm just kidding, everyone should be Bob. Bob is best. All hail Bob.


I went back to the very beginning of the lesson and re-submitted everything and it all saved and moved on until I got to this point again -__-


That one's correct. Your program is running. Your program is asking for your name. Your name should not go into the code, be it Mighty Bob or not, rather, your name should be typed as a response to the question in the square box on the right side of your screen.

What's your first name? Notbob


could you explain further? Because I've tried everything I can think of and it hasn't worked yet.


ELI5, got it.

You have written a program. It takes input. You need to provide input for it to finish.

On the right side of your screen, there is a black box where your program has printed
What's your first name?

Click in this box, or perhaps it's already selected. Whatever, click it anyhow.

Mash your keyboard, use any part of your body for this. Most use fingers, but face is also an excellent option.

Finish your mashing by pressing the ENTER key


It finally worked! Thank you!