Getting IN-timate


I don't have errors but I need someone to break it down for me. The exercise intorduces the for/in loop and states that the property value can be any placeholder name. Does that mean I can use any property name in the for/in loop present in the object and still have it print out all of the properties?

var nyc = {
    fullName: "New York City",
    mayor: "Bill de Blasio",
    population: 8000000,
    boroughs: 5

for(var fullName in nyc){


For the sake of readability, use generic key or index variables in your loop that do not appear as actual key names in your objects.


for (var key in nyc) {


This will cycle through all the properties of nyc (in any order) and at each iteration, one of the property names will be cached in key.


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