Getting error string indices must be integers

I tried trying my approach but not getting the result required and keep getting the error: “String indices must be integers”

def common_letters(string_one, string_two):

  #List to hold common characters


  for char in string_one:

    #comparing if character exist in both

    if(string_one[char] in string_two):

      #Adding common character in str[]


  return str


These are two separate functions def contains and def common_letters. Which one are you having an issue with?

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Sorry must have pasted all.

Referring to the deff common_letters

Based on the error code it sounds like you’ve attempted to index a string using another string. Like lists indexing by element (character) for a string should be integer numbers-

name = "bob"
Out: o

Have a look in your code for any instances where you might’ve passed a type you didn’t mean to.

For future posts could you please format the code- How do I format code in my posts? as it’s much easier for others to read :+1:.


wow thanks, solved!!

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