Getting error message but i dont see an error


getting an oops try again there is no text between h2 and h2 tags, but clearly there is. also in the text screen i see 6 lines? what gives

		Headings & Paragraphs
<p> sup sup
<p>sup sup  
<p> sup sup
sup sup 
<p> sup sup 
sup sup


it is bad practice to nest headings (h1, h2..h6) in paragraphs and vice versa. Both are block level elements designed to hold only inline elements, you should have a heading first, and then a paragraph:

<h1>i am a heading</h1>
<p>i am a paragraph</p>

some of your closing tags also seem to have the slash in the wrong place


cool cool.

i thought the paragraphs were supposed to be in between the opening and closing of the headers?


No, headings are very useful, to give a heading to a section of the page, for example on wikipedia:
From today's featured article
Did you know...
Today's featured picture
Are all headings, super useful to give a good overview of what the paragraph(s) below are going to describe


nice. doesnt look like they use paragraphs in the headers. so when do you need paragraphs


No, you can just use the headings to make a head/title, then you can add a couple of paragraphs below. Think of a news paper, first you have the heading, then you have paragraphs. You don't have to use paragraphs, there are other options, but that is for later