Getting eady for Physics Class

Good day to everybody! I have a trouble. My code is wrong but I don’t know why. This is my code:
train_mass = 22680
train_acceleration = 10
train_distance = 100
bomb_mass = 1
def f_to_c(f_temp):
с_temp = (f_temp - 32) * 5/9
return c_temp
f100_in_celsius = f_to_c(100)
def c_to_f(c_temp):
print(c_temp * 9/5 + 32)
return f_temp

Hi @code3651324955,

Your code would be easier to read if it were formatted for posting. See How to ask good questions (and get good answers).

What has convinced you that your code is wrong? Did you receive an error message, or did the output differ from what you expected?

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