Getting Confirm is Not a Function


For the first part of code your own adventure, it asks you to:

1) It's always polite to ask your user if they are ready to play.

2) Using the confirm command, make sure your user is ready to play. For example, I would use the sentence "I am ready to play!". Add whatever phrase you would like in the confirm.

My code:
confirm("I am ready to play!");

It's saying:
TypeError: confirm is not a function

What am I doing wrong?


This must be very frustrating but you are doing nothing wrong here your code is perfect. The only thing I can suggest is try a browser other than chrome.


It's still not working, and I haven't heard back from CodeAcademy customer support when contacting them directly. Are there other free services where I can learn JS?


I really like free, although it is more challenging.


Gonna check it out, thanks!


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