Getting Back the Bookmark / Save Resources Function

I don’t know if this is the same thing that has happened to the OP of this post or if it’s happened to anyone else, but I noticed when I signed in today that the bookmark icon seems to have completely disappeared, which really sucks because I had quite a few helpful pages saved to make navigation easier when I needed to quickly review or double check something on a particular topic. At first I thought it was just a browser issue but it seems to be happening on both Chrome and Firefox and I can’t seem to find anyone on the forums (or on Reddit) talking about this issue, which has me wondering if it’s somehow just a me problem repeating on multiple browsers.

It’s extremely frustrating having to navigate through like 4 different menus on 4 separate pages just to get to pages I used to have handily bookmarked and easily accessible with one click, so if anyone has any insight on this issue it would be very much appreciated!

My case is that I never got to use the Bookmark. When I noticed the bookmark icon, it has already stopped functioning… Maybe it was when it was being taken down? I would also love to have that Bookmark / Save Resources Function, just like @yasmineam said, it makes reviewing some references more easily and more quickly. Codecademy team, if you see this, please consider bringing the bookmark back! Thank you!

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