Getting back in the industry


I’m 48 and I’m setting to get back in the industry. I have a Bs Computer Science and years of experience although not recent. I have knowledge of Programming (C, Pascal, VB, and others), Databases, Communications, Networking, and some other stuff. I have been keeping myself relatively connected to the IT world though not deeply into it. I’m interested in Python and Swift as programming languages but I wonder if I could get some direction from the forum.

I’m possibly moving to Australia (I live in Uruguay) as my wife’s Aussie and we’ve been postponing the move long enough. This year might be the year we take the plunge. I think that a work on IT could help me. I have an MBA and a strong Management Experience in Development Finance so this is trying an alternative because that industry is not really developed down under.

Can somebody offer guidance of course choices?




That’s awesome!

Well if you’re interested in Python and Swift, you can basically get started for free:

Subscribing to Codecademy Pro will give you more options, but these would be a good place to start to see how you like the two languages. They should be fairly easy to navigate given your knowledge of programming.

Did you perhaps check the job offers around where you’d be relocating? It could give you pointers as to where you should be headed with your learning? Just a thought, though.

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Thanks! I’ll go through both as I think this could give me the most chances with swift to develop apps for the apple family of OSes and Python for more web and data science specific goals. Let’s see how it goes. Thanks again!

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Hi Mario,

I’m 47 and I’ve been “not working” for a while, so I rode your message and it sounded familiar :slight_smile:

I’m a spanish Telecom Engineer looking for a job, but not sure if I want to be a System Engineer again, or a Project Manager one more time, or a Teacher or a Chef, or a Gardener… (love all of them)

I´ve been using Codecademy for the last 15 days aprox., and rediscovered a world that made me happy when I was younger, when it was impossible to surf the web with my first Commodore 64, but you could buy programming books and type the code while reading it, without copy-paste or Git :slight_smile:

My feelings in these two weeks are great, not only for the things that I’m learning so fast, Web Development, Java and Swift for the moment, but for the good this process is making in my noSoYoung brain (with camelCase please :slight_smile: and how I feel in my day in every aspect (Olé).

So I hope you get your work and come back and tell us if this has been useful please. I’ll do the same

Greatings from Madrid,

21 days confined, Pedro, 21