Getting back in Frond End coding - where to start!


Hopefully I’m in the right place and I’m just looking for a bit of advice.

I was a Front End Developer until 2012 when I had children and was made redundant from the company I worked for (went into administration). It was all hand coding, HTML 5 was quite new and I worked mostly with CSS, JavaScript libraries and integrated a bit with Java.

I’ve been thinking recently I’d like to get back into the industry but after 10 years out, I don’t know where to start and what’s changed. I’m looking for any tips of where I could start. I’d be happy to jump back to the bottom and start again. Are there any new languages or libraries that I should really pick up before I look? Any advice at all would be greatly appreciated!

Many thanks.

Hey, welcome to the forums!

So generally now, most courses (including Codecademy’s) are based around HTML, CSS, JS and a JS framework such as React (there are others, that’s just one of the more popular ones) - generally taught in that order. It sounds like based off your experiances, just that last one would be new to you :slight_smile:

Where to start really depends on how much you’re stil able to remember/are familiar with, but it may well not hurt just to start from the beginning and just skim through to refresh your memory and pick up on any changes that have been made since you were using them. JS in particular has had new releases since with some fairly important new features introduced, so I’d definitely recommend going over at least a JS course to make sure you can pick up on these, even if you just skip over all the stuff you remember!

Best of luck with it, and of course feel free to post any further questions! :smile: