Getting access to Python Pro


Hello all,
           I have finished all the classes. Now i want to access the projects and quizzes section, but for that i need to pay the fee. Being a student, i am not able to pay the fee. So far i found the course very systematic and helped me alot in learning python. Can i get a free access to the other sections of this course. 
Aamer Ramzan


So far i know, there is no student discount. I am sorry to disappoint you, but there are plenty of other resource to continue learn python, you can search yourself? Or if you want, i am sure i have a few links stored somewhere


Thanks stetim94 . But if u don't mind can u share the links u have that can help me in becoming better python programmer.


you can see if there are any free courses for python on coursera, you can check codeschool, codeavengers, edx (maybe there is more on edx), khan academy, google python class, this quora question contains good resources. There is always learn python the hard way.

Not all might be free (i tried to pick free ones), not all are interactive, and you can always start writing python scripts on your computer


thanks for ur suggestions.


And just a general topic: quora - productive ways to spend time on the internet


Another resource to check out is Interactive Python.