Getting a syntax error on my lens slice project

not entirely sure what i’m doing wrong as i even changed my code to match the hint yet i’mhaving the same error.

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This is actually good practice with debugging. Often if a syntax error is thrown on a line and there doesn’t appear to be anything wrong with that line, try looking back to the line of code before it.

If you don’t see the error try looking at

this line

line 7:

print("We sell " + str(num_pizzas) + " different kinds of pizza!"

Thanks a ton! something so simple managed to throw me off for so long lol. I got so stuck on that line being the cause of the error I didn’t check much else of my code. lesson learned.


Sometimes too, it’s helpful to read code from the bottom up to the top.
It just makes your brain think of it in a different way (and your eyes see it differently).

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I’ll have to try it out. thanks for the advice!

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