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I graduate college in August with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing. Computer Science and coding are WAAAAAYYYY cooler and more interesting to me than marketing. Unfortunately I only realized that about 5 months before I was suppose to graduate. Since then I’ve been watching open source MIT classes in computer science, learning on CodeAcademy daily, using apps that teach programming, and watching videos on YouTube.

I feel like I’m most proficient in Python so i’d probably go for a job as a python developer. What skills aside from python would I need to know to get a job as something like this? Anyone have tips on finding a job like this?

I’m mainly just nervous as ■■■■ about graduating and not having a job lined up :sweat:

As someone with relatively little life experience so far, my opinion probably isn’t worth much here, but since no one else has answered, I’ll chime in with my opinion :slight_smile:

Anyone have tips on finding a job like this?

Unless you really think you’d be able to get an actual job with your skills by the time you graduate, I’d look at internships. That way, you’re getting trained by the company at least for free (coding bootcamps are usually in the thousands of dollars, for reference), and if you’re lucky, you’ll even be getting paid to learn at your internship.

Also, work on personal projects in your free time. Employers really like it when you have real-life experience, and working on personal projects also shows that you seem to enjoy programming, you do it in your free time as a hobby, not when you’re forced to for your job. That’s good for the company, because you’re more likely to learn stuff on your own that you can use at work to improve their products, and less likely to leave the job because you don’t like it.

Unfortunately, that’s pretty much all the advice I can give you though :confused:

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Sheesh, you got a lot of time![quote=“ghughes13, post:1, topic:46265”]
What skills aside from python would I need to know to get a job as something like this?

Im gonna be honest with you @ghughes13 jobs i have seen require at least expiernce for 4 lagnauge’ish… and bieng highly proficient at one. If you can code all day, you will have no problem completing this task, remember this though just watching a concept and understanding it is not the only part about programming. You have to apply it, by making simple exercises or may even projects. If you , in your good judgment think you cant learn more languages than just one, you should work as a freelancer(which requires expert knowledge in a particular subject, as of my knowledge). But trust me, don’t worry about time. Focus about learning, experiencing, and spending as much time as possible with programming.

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