Getting a job in Game Development

Hello everyone!

I want to get a job in tech, in programming. I don’t know honestly where to start, so I’ve created my account on this platform.

Currently, I have 2 options that fits my personality: Web Development, or Game Development. I’ve heard a lot of stories about game development as being “extremely stressful” and such on.

What do you think guys about those careers and what advices can you give me?

Thanks everyone!

I would suggest better is to first evaluate the depth and understanding on programming skills.
Because, If you don’t have any idea surely you don’t know which technology to choose for learning

So first get good counselling from a senior into this field.

Best of Luck @loooooooooony

yea man i am searching for someone on this community who engaged that field :slight_smile:

I’ve heard stories and stories about “crunch time” for game developers where there’s forced overtime and normally the pay isn’t that great for the amount of mandatory overtime that’s required.

However, if you truly love that type of work then I’d say go for it. It would be a great feeling being apart of a new game or a very popular game.

Is there a type of game development that interests you? A certain game genre or perhaps indie vs triple A?

Hey there!

I would like to know that AAA (triple A) means when talking about game development because I’ve heard this term pretty often.
Any type of game :slight_smile:

Basically it’s any big blockbuster game. People use the term loosely (myself included lol). If it’s a high selling game or highly anticipated with a lot of allocated resources, most people consider that triple A