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Hi, I was just going over the HTML Basics again and found myself with a question.
When adding an image, we copy the source, or the URL to our code of the image in question.

The thing is, when I want to add an image taken by me, say with a digital camera or smartphone, the images do not have a URL. So in order to obtain it, I should upload them somewhere right? Say Facebook, Tumblr, etc.

When you drag and drop an image into your browser, the URL that appears is a route to your desktop which the HTML file will not solve in another person’s computer. Right again? Totally wrong?

Just wanted to know if this is the standard way to go or if there’s an easier way to get the images’ URL without uploading them to a social network.


while you are creating your own webpage in your desktop then all you need to do is add the image location in the source line but when you ll put your webpage in the form of a static website then you will be requiring a backend server which would store all your data e.g. comments name and other information so you will be requiring stuff like mySQL,oracle to store data and images will be stored there too.

If you are talking about using your own images for the lessons here, there is a quick easy way.

First, you will need to upload your photo somewhere online, for me, I like to use imgur. You sign up there, at, and you can upload your photos to your own album, and it will give you the link to your photo. Takes just a minute.

Once you have you account there, you can always upload the photos you want to use to it and use it in these lessons. Once you launch your own website outside of the CodeAcademy environment, you can upload your photos to the same server your site is hosted on, and link them from there.

I hope that helps. If you have any questions, let me know!

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