Get unstuck button not working

Hi, im currently doing the Learn Kotlin course. Im stuck on a problem and want to use the get unstuck button on the top right to see the solutions. However when I click it, it leads me to the page is there a way for me to use the get unstuck function? Thank you for your help

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I am currently having this issue on the java course, I am on the object orientated programming calculator project.


Hello, @web4150905906 & @cloud4239262087, welcome to the forums. I see what you both mean. I’ll report this issue directly. Thanks for reporting it!

Edit: It looks like it may have been a temporary issue. I checked a few lessons again a few minutes ago, and the button seems to be working as expected now. Let me know if you are still experiencing the problem, and post a link to the particular exercise.


I got stuck in the Python Data Science Case Study (foodwheel/exercises/cuisine-offerings-ii).
Regardless of what I type in for a solution, I get an error message: “Invalid Syntax (”
Even when I copy and paste the official solution I get this message.
Can you please get me unstuck here, so I can finish this course?
Thanks in advance,
Jaap Sier (

Thank you all for your answers it was probably a temporary issue. The issue is fixed now.
Thank you once again.