Get stuck at 3/10 [solved]

No ideas why the system insists saying I created a new branch with wrong name though I run the command *git branch fencing* as the instruction said.

Can anyone help with this?

Many Thanks

Posting a screenshot of your whole webpage that shows this problem will help everyone see what you see.

I’m having the same problem. Created the branch called ‘fencing’ and it doesn’t seem to like it. Something I’m doing wrong?

If it’s says anything more than “I don’t like this”, then that’s probably the key to figuring out what needs changing.

Thanks for your response. After I change a computer or network, it works properly. No ideas what cause the issue. Could be a bug of the page

I am afraid you did nothing wrong. I solve the problem by changing another computer, using another network. Then everything is fine. I have no ideas why. Could be a problem of the page