Get rid of this question or change the month to 10,11 or 12

I feel like they might need to get rid of questions like the following in the quiz’s or change the month to 10, 11 or 12 so you can deduce which spot is for the months and which is for the days, mostly because I can never tell if 7 or 8 is the month/day which makes it frustrating to get past. I’m aware they do it different elsewhere, but I’m in the States and so I write the date like this:


I’m not saying change it to my way. I’m just saying different countries write the date in different orders and it makes it confusing.

Question to get rid of or change:

time = #2014-07-08 13:08:09

"what will the code print?"

A) 13
B) 8
C) 7
D) 9

This is a standard across the world.


This is not a standard,


so leaves it up to the presenter to clarify which format is in use/expected.

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Which quizzes are you seeing this in?

It was the 2nd python quiz. I was just being frustrated and venting because it took me 5 tries to get 100% due to questions like that :sweat_smile: If that’s the way the rest of the world writes it then nvm. U.S needs to convert to metric system and conform to the world anyway.

@ghughes13 Yeah, I didn’t like that either :slight_smile: I’ve got a fix submitted for it, but it might be a while before it goes live.

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Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) is not metric. It is an internationally adopted convention intended to remove once and for all the confusion around formatting date and time for presentation and dissemination.