Get code

id like get code to be in the instructions steps not the whole instruction done in one click.

because the site sometimes doesn’t like my spelling or space bar usage and i use get code then to make it less painful.

Now that you are familiar with the stringent acceptance norms of the SCT’s, you know what sort of things to look for in your code to fix it yourself. Have you gone the “Keep trying” route a few times just to get more practice with debugging to satisfy the SCT?

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i have done keep trying but, for example in course css 2 foreground vs back ground the instructions say:" In style.css, set the foreground color of the main heading to MidnightBlue" so i look up .header in style.css and add " color: MidnightBlue; " then it says did you add MidnightBlue to header yes yes i did. but i needed to add it so h1 apparently, i use get code to not waste my time. but would love a feature that only shows the answer to current instruction.