'Get Code' - Bug


I got stuck at several steps and now I am stuck at step 8 for the second time, I guess I deleted wrong parts of the code and since u can't ctrl-z after u selected another file I don't know exactly what I deleted.

But the more annoying part of this is that if u use the 'Get Code' after u get stuck and it pastes the correct code for step 8, it also resets the process of the steps u are at. Since u need old code from step 1 for step 2 u cant pass that one with now the updated code from step 8.
This is very annoying and I have done the same steps until I get stuck a few times now, very annoying when u finally get to step 8 of 9 and it resets to step 1.
So please let me stay on the same step if u click the 'Get Code' button for that one.

Thanks for reading, if any more code or info is needed feel free to ask.


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