GET and POST help

Hi all, I’m really struggling to get my head around the HTTP request methods. It’s probably so simple but I just can’t understand it. Could anyone please break down and explain the different requests in the most plain English possible for me so that I can better understand it? I have autism and ADHD and I’m struggling to understand how they’re being explained.
Many thanks! :grinning:

Rough explanation:

A GET requests literally gets data and has no other effect.
Where does it get it from? Some place of storage (database server). For example when a website displays the weather, it’s very likely that the site itself doesn’t house the weather data itself. Rather, the weather data is measured and stored in dedicated servers. Then, an authorized user can request to GET this data and do what they want with it (display it, analyze it, etc). Note that I say authorized. There are certain bits of information that you don’t want unauthorized users to be able to successfully GET (like the personal information of customers).

What about POST? Well, sometimes you want to put in data into a storage space. Maybe opening a bank account is a possible analogy. You request to open an account, they take in your data (name, phone, address, etc.) and then they put it in their storage (database). You can’t just go and put it in yourself, you have to formally ask for them to do so. With a webform it’s similar, you request to POST some data to a server, and then it can be accepted or not (sometimes you might have an invalid phone number, or in worse cases you are trying to hack the server).

The above are vast simplifications and don’t really paint the whole picture. These are not easy topics. Networking as a topic is huge.


I really appreciate this answer so much! It really puts it into perspective :grinning:
I’ll probably try and find some books or videos that go into insane detail, I didn’t realise this was such a massive topic!
Thank you for your reply and the time you took to explain all of that :slightly_smiling_face: