Get an image URL using a mac


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same way you get them on windows/linux? right click (double click) on the image, select: copy image location/url?


To get the URL (address) of an image on the web using Safari or Chrome on a Mac:

  1. Hold down the Control key on your keyboard and then click on the image.

  2. Choose the "Copy Image Address" option from the pop-up menu.

  3. Go back to the Codecademy editor in your browser and position the cursor to where you want to insert the image URL.

  4. Choose Edit > Paste or use the keyboard shortcut CMD+V (hold down the Command key and then press the V key), to paste the image URL into your code.

If you're using Chrome on a Mac, make sure you're not using Version 51 as there was a bug which prevented some people being able to copy and paste the image URL from Chrome to other apps. The current version, Version 53, appears to be fine.


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