Get a Job Purely Through Codeacacdemy?


Like the millions of other people on this Earth, I’ve decided to pursue getting a job in the field of software development. I also know absolutely nothing about computers/code in general except for what I’ve learned here. Now, I am taking the Code Foundations career path but after that, will the other career paths and skill paths only in CodeAcademy be enough to help me in the job market, or should I supplement with other resources to accomplish that?

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CC is a great tool but as with any tool I would look to have a wide array of sources. There’s no one-stop shop. Even university degrees don’t fully train you if you just do the minimum with them (they do give a lot of scope, theory, and good environment).

Other resources can be (and are not limited to): people that work in the field, students in the field, books, videos, forums, people that don’t work in the field (for projects).