Generator of Possessive Adjectives examples

Hi, everybody!

It’s first time when I’am sharing my work here, so I hope to receive some feedback. :wink:

First I wrote a simple program that combine a prediction from three different arrays that stored in the object. It was too easy as for portfolio project (even for fist on JS), so I decided to add feature that decorate provided text with kind of frame. Frame size is calculated based on generated phrase length and ASCII symbol for decoration randomly coosen from array.
Anyway I was not satisfied with result, becose it still have been to simple. Finally I decided to make generation more complicated and add some dependencies to random generatotion. As a result I built Possessive Adjectives examples generator.

In my work all stuff connected with phrase generation were included in one object, including a generation function.
It work as expected but I would like to hear your opinion about such decision. Is it acceptable?