Generating Text with Deep Learning

So, is it just me or does this site do a horrible job of explaining what I’m actually doing while writing this code for the “Generating Text with Deep Learning” section? I have no idea what the code I am writing is doing, and for the section “Training Setup Part I” I wrote the code exactly like the answer, except in the view solution section, when they were defining the different encoder/decoder matrices, they had all these wierd indents that weren’t mentioned at all in the lesson, and for some reason doing that made the code work, and it wouldn’t work when I just defined the matrix without indenting these arguments. I don’t exactly even know what I’m asking for, maybe if anyone has some kind of other reference other than this site that they used to help them understand what they’re actually trying to do? That would be a big help. It would take up way too much space if I was to copy and paste all of the code that I am referring to, unfortunately. I am just a bit aggravated because I understood this whole Chatbot course perfectly fine up until this section, and now the lessons are just asking me to write all of this code without even offering a reference or a simple explanation of what I am actually doing.