Generating random quotes

Hi Everyone
I have just completed my first portfolio project that generates random quotes from movies.

abitiCOO/generate-quotes: generating quotes from your favorite movies (

Nicely done with HTML and CSS integration.
Enjoyed the quotes.
#1 “Click Me” button caption needs renaming to something like “Top Movie Quote” etc so intent is clear
#2 Need at least 3 arrays as suggested in exercise to make it truly random. Not sure how to do it for the movie quotes. Maybe 1 array for movie years, 1 array for genre/movie etc, 1 array for quotes. creating a random quote and asking user to guess genre etc." (not a fleshed out idea on my part…)
hope my first review ever on Codecademy was helpful.

Thank you vey much for reviewing and giving me valuable feedback on my work . It is much appreciated