Generates a Random Sentence

Hi everyone!

This was a fun project to solidify the foundation of GitHub and the command line. I only included a markdown file of the description and information as well as a javascript file for the actual mixed message challenge. I haven’t gotten to HTML or CSS yet but hopefully will implement them in the future. This project took a couple of hours but was a good learning process. I have some ideas for better implementation at the bottom of the .js file commented out as well if I decide to give ita version update! Thanks for checking it out! :slight_smile:

Overall it’s really good. One thing you should do is make it print multiple sentences at once.

That’s a good idea! Thank you :slight_smile:

Hello I just finished this project today. I like the way you used the object format to create random sentences. I wasn’t brave enough. Just one thing to make the program more authentic is you could add punctuation into your sentences. Well done. I learnt a lot from you program so thanks for sharing.

That is a good idea! I was debating on adding more options like punctuation as well as the other parts of speech. Thanks! And I am g lad you were able to find it helpful :slight_smile: