GeneralizationB.Java #2


what's wrong with my code?


In the first exercise of this section
you had
a comment line
and you were asked to assign the outcome of the statement in the comment-line
to the boolean tricky variable
You would then print-out the tricky variable using the System.out.println( tricky ); statement.......

As you have not followed the explicit Instructions
you have changed the flow and therefor are punished in =step 2=


can you show me how you do this? t.i.a.


Do a reset of the exercise and follow the instructions......


i'm confused with instruction. can you help me, sir?


i've done it already a couple of times but still i'm getting that error message.


thank you, sir! so it turns out that i have to comment again line4 after evaluating wether if it's true or false. :smiley:


maybe i have to learn how to follow instruction first before learning to code. lol XD