General Questions as I am a newbie!

I did do a bit of coding on codecademy and it’s great, but I am wondering if I will be taught how to use programs like eclipse and intellj from scratch in the future? they require adding some “includes” and there are packages which is a bit confusing for me.

I am new to the coding so I have no idea on history of coding, perhaps javascript is old and worse than some of new programming languages if so let me know so I can learn the right language

I am looking to process mathematical information from a websites web sockets and display information live on some sort of gui is javascript my best bet?

Let me know! =)

not on codecademy, but there are other resources for this. You can google for this

Importing packaging is easy? Learn how to use those packages is the tricky bit

eclipse and intelj are for Java, which is different from javascript

javascript is the only scripting language (beside html & css markup language) for front-end web development.

yea, javascript is viable option for the front-end, but maybe look into reactJS or vueJS? they make that easier

for back-end, there are many options (javascript in the form of nodeJS for example)

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